My first thoughts about Chromecast

Hi, I’m now going to start this blog by writhing about my thoughts about the newly presented Chomecast.

My first thought was why do anyone with a modern Android phone want this? Most modern Android phones has a thing called Miracast, with that you can mirror the screen of the phone to a Miracast adapter. So I wondered why Google made this device, but then I found out that the device won’t mirror the phone to the TV, so then I wondered what is this then? It turned out to be a thing that mirrors your Chrome web-browser tab (and a few things more). Google lost my insert there, why would I want a device that can only mirror Chrome-tabs and play Netflix, Youtube and Google Play content (not available in Sweden), when I can get a Miracast/Intel WiDi adapter to show my entire mobile or laptop screen on the TV?. Well the answer to this is probably the price with the Chromecast at 35$ and the Miracast/WiDi adapter at roughly twice the price, some may go for the Chromecast. I wouldn’t, if I’m going to spend money on a device to hock up to the TV I’m not going to buy a device that can’t do anything more than my Samsung smart TV (except start faster, because the TV is slow). So if you already on a Smart TV I don’t think this device is worth the money, because the only thing you pay for here is the easy to use factor (and a little speed).

I have ordered a Leap Motion but haven’t gotten it yet, so I’ll probably write a post next week when i have tried it out. See you soon 🙂

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